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Press release

  • High-tech from Swiss countryside to the global market

    The homes of Grünig and SignTronic are no fancy big city manufacturing sites but medium-sized production and company offices in small villages near Niesen mountain (Grünig) in the western part and the Säntis (SignTronic) in the eastern part of...

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  • Frame process automation I 4.0

    The correct frame choice and the optimised tension process are crucial to achieving the best printing results! Producing a mesh that meets the high-quality requirements for screen printing is a continuous challenge in a constantly changing...

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  • Annual Review 2019

    Andreas Ferndriger presents the latest equipment developments from Grünig-Interscreen and SignTronic. Screen printing, with all the possibilities it offers in the glass printing sector, provides a wide range of opportunities to improve market...

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