You are looking for a varied apprenticeship in an internationally active, medium-sized company, you are interested and conscientious - then we can offer you an apprenticeship in the following professions:

Automatiker*in / Polymechaniker*in / Anlagen- und Apparatebauer*in


We have 8 apprentices in training on an ongoing basis. The apprenticeships are filled as follows:

  • Annually one "Automatiker*in"
  • Every 2 years one "Polymechaniker*in"
  • Every 2 years one "Anlagen- und Apparatebauer*in"

Duration of the apprenticeship

The training lasts 4 years in each case.

Vocational school

Trainees attend vocational school a maximum of 2 days per week at the following locations:

  • Automatiker*in / Interlaken
  • Polymechaniker*in / Bern
  • Anlagen- und Apparatebauer*in / Thun

In-house training

All apprentices are in one of the following departments at least once during their apprenticeship:

  • Mechanics
  • Electro-technique
  • Assembly
  • Construction
  • Locksmith’s shop

Intercompany courses (ÜK)

During the first two years of training, apprentices complete three courses outside the company, each of which takes place in Münchenbuchsee, Thun or Biel.

Education Report

In order to regularly monitor performance and knowledge levels, an educational report is prepared twice a year, which is submitted to the parent or guardian for signature until the teenager reaches the age of 18.