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General view Screen coating

Perfect coating results thanks to Grünig screen coating machines

No matter which Grünig screen coating machine you opt for – we guarantee that each one of our screen coating machines achieves optimal coating results in reproducible quality.


G-COAT 401

Coating trough modular


G-COAT 404

Coating machine

g coat 406 new

G-COAT 406

Coating machine


G-COAT 414

Coating machine


G-COAT 415

Coating machine


G-COAT 421

Coating machine



Coating trough spatula



Manual coating trough



Which screen coating machine is the optimal one?

When selecting the optimal kind of screen coating equipment, various factors need to be taken into account, such as maximum screen size, number of screens to be coated per day, desired degree of automation, available space, available budget, etc.

It is essential to make sure that the screen coating is precisely matched to the planned printing process. Values such as layer thickness and surface roughness are decisive factors that influence the quality of the printing result. In addition, selecting the right type of emulsion is another key consideration which enables you to save costs. The following parameters are essential:

  • Layer thickness in micron (EOM)
  • Surface roughness in micron (Rz)
  • Resistance (to water- or solvent-based inks)
  • Required resolution / fineness for printing
  • Output quantity per printing run and printing consistency


Our sales crew for screen coating machines will be happy to advise you!