Guiding Principle

We are the market leader for solutions in the field of screen printing forms.
Our products distinguish themselves by an optimal price/performance ratio.

The following matters are of prime concern to us:

  • We develop, manufacture, sell and maintain high-quality specialized equipment for the preparation of printing screens.
  • The products are marketed under the name of grunig schriftzug on a worldwide scale.
  • A high quality is our top priority, and this refers to the products as well as to the service performances.
  • Our products are distributed on a worldwide level, mainly through sales partners (dealers).
  • Our thinking and acting is based on customer and market-oriented aspects, our key focus being the customer benefit.
  • We aim to establish a fair, long-term, reliable and competent relationship with all our stakeholder groups (staff members, customers, distribution partners, suppliers, etc.).
  • grunig schriftzug is synonymous for innovative products. Our own development team makes sure that the existing products are continuously optimized and that we are in a position to launch new products respectively innovative technologies onto the market.
  • We have a high manufacturing depth. Our know-how remains within the company; our flexibility to cater to the customers’ wishes or to develop new solutions is very high.
  • Our staff members are our most precious asset. We offer employment to a wide range of different professionals and interesting jobs involving a high degree of independence and personal responsibility. We expect our employees to be reliable, cost-conscious, motivated and team-oriented, with a behavior that is characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • The company is and remains independent and autonomous.
  • The company maintains a close cooperation with the strategic partner signtronic schriftzug .
  • We strive for a gentle but solid growth.

All the staff members are aware of these guiding principles and act accordingly.