In-Line Washing System



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Quick facts

  • Washing, de-coating, developing
  • For screen formats of up to 3 x 6m
  • High degree of flexibility thanks to the modular construction
  • Existing installations can be upgraded anytime by adding supplementary modules
  • Completely detachable – the machine passes through the smallest door openings
  • Excellent accessibility – washing bay based on the panel system and designed for maximum ease of cleaning
  • IN-LINE modules with completely closed washing chambers made of stainless steel V2A
  • No leakage of aerosols during the washing process
  • A clear separation of the washing processes reduces the carryover of the chemical products, while extending the useful product life and lowering the consumption costs
  • Designed for cleaning agents of the latest generation (flash point >55°C, ATEX conform construction type)
  • Uncomplicated fluid handling thanks to convenient handling systems available as an option
  • Uncomplicated tank cleaning thanks to the stand-alone and easily accessible construction type
  • Efficient pump systems guarantee a high production capacity
  • The Grünig Recyclean system helps to achieve important savings by reducing the fresh water consumption
  • Special Grünig nozzles are used for all the washing and treatment processes
  • Open programming of all the parameters by means of a touch screen terminal
  • The washing programs can be adapted anytime to the individual requirements
  • Cts systems can be integrated without problems in the production line.
  • Extensive screen handling system G190XM
  • The screen magazines can be enhanced by adding dryers or protective enclosures



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