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Clever Screen Video

The objective of our new video «CLEVER SCREEN» is to emphasize in a clearly understandable and witty manner on the core message of our two companies: SIMPLIFY SCREEN MAKING – new CtS Technology & Automation


Video production: cleverclipstudios

Live-Video demonstrations

simon1Unfortunately, the present restrictions in connection with the COVID-19 situation prevent us from exhibiting in a near future our new G-WASH 174 XS-DUO at the DRUPA or any other trade fairs.

For this reason, we have set up this new equipment in Grünig’s showroom at Schwarzenburg, Switzerland.

From now on, we can also offer our customers and partners Live-Video demonstrations (by Microsoft TEAMS) of the G-WASH 174XS-DUO or any other machine they might be interested in. Our showroom is fully equipped for demonstration purposes and our crew is looking forward to putting it to practical use.


Please do not hesitate to contact us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for your personal Live-Tour - we will be happy to assist you as best we can – even in these extraordinary times.

GRUNIG ships 15 new coating machines to US market

22 April 2020 : Switzerland based Grünig-Interscreen AG, manufacturer of high quality machines and equipment for the stencil production, has recently shipped 15 coating machines to the US market. “Screen printers need screen automation and standardization,” has always been company’s punch line to motivate screen printers to adopt automation in screen making.simon1

Since more than 50 years, Grünig has dedicated itself to one objective “Automating and standardizing the screen making process in the screen printing business. The company believes in the future of screen printing, which offers countless possibilities and advantages, unlike many other printing methods. It says: “The key factor for your future success is the perfect screen.” This can be achieved by using machines for screen stretching, screen coating as well as screen washing. As on today, more than 5000 machines have been rolled out of its factory at Schwarzenburg. More than 90% of its products are supplied to over 50 countries.

New innovative models for screen making

When taking a close look at the market, we can see that now as before the weakest link in the production chain of professional screen printing is the screen making process. Unfortunately, it is still true that far too often the screens are prepared through manual processes, which is synonymous with insufficient screen quality. In addition, this manual method causes high costs, a large number of subsequent problems and – worst of all - unsatisfactory printing results.

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GRUNIG reinforces their international sales team

Screen printing is alive and well – a fact that has become more and more apparent during the past months in which we have noticed increased investment activities in new technologies and automation processes. The professional and automatic preparation of printing screens plays a key role in this industry where the decision-makers are getting aware of the fact that only THE PERFECT SCREEN will enable them to live up to the present extremely high requirements of the various markets and sectors.

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50 years of Grünig-Interscreen AG

50 years LogoFor 50 years already, Grünig has been dedicated to the professional screen preparation on a worldwide level. During all these years, the screen printing process has been exposed to various tendencies, changes and challenges. In the meantime, a lot has changed in this field as well as in the company: From the initial and purely mechanical one-man operation, it has evolved into a high-tech specialist.


The beginnigs

1967 Hans-Ulrich Grünig starts his own company in a small garage.

H U Grünig 1967Grunig small garage 1967

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