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New innovative models for screen making

When taking a close look at the market, we can see that now as before the weakest link in the production chain of professional screen printing is the screen making process. Unfortunately, it is still true that far too often the screens are prepared through manual processes, which is synonymous with insufficient screen quality. In addition, this manual method causes high costs, a large number of subsequent problems and – worst of all - unsatisfactory printing results.

In many cases the arguments we hear concern the investment cost, i.e. there is a common belief that automation is not profitable for certain screen printing sectors and that the price/benefit ratio is not favorable.

Both models have been designed for automating and standardizing essential screen printing processes. Because the screen printing technology can only remain competitive on condition that the printing screens are manufactured in a consistent quality, as rapidly as possible, in a reproducible manner and as cost-effectively as possible!

For many years, our guiding principle has been: THE PERFECT SCREEN!


Global novelty – G-COAT 406 Automatic coating machine PLUG & COAT


g coat 406 new

In addition to the extremely successful G-COAT 404 PLUG & COAT, of which we have sold countless units, GRUNIG is from now on in a position to offer their customers the latest model G-COAT 406 in standard size. With this machine, screens with a maximum frame format of W700 x H1000 mm can be automatically coated, in the well-proven and appreciated GRUNIG quality. Designed as a table-top version, this machine is small and compact, but (when combined with the “sub-construction” option) it can also be easily used as a floor-mounted stand-alone unit.

The G-COAT 406 PLUG & COAT can be individually programmed to suit the customer’s particular requirements. The coating process is carried out on one or both sides, in function of the programmed coating parameters.

The patented GRUNIG coating troughs G-COAT 401 are part of the standard delivery and can be freely selected up to a width of 600 mm and with a radius between 0,25 and 1,00 mm. Customers wishing to coat large quantities of smaller screens have the possibility of coating two screens at the same time.


Global novelty – G-WASH 106 Automatic developing machine PLUG & WASH

g wash 106 newFar too often, the process of automatic screen washing respectively of developing them after the copying/exposure process, is considerably underestimated. Manual processes in this field lead to irregular results, which causes visible quality problems during printing.

The recently developed G-WASH 106 PLUG & WASH is the solution to this problem, as it automates the procedure. The developing machine is available with a standard height for screens of up to 1400 mm. With regard to the width, the customers can choose among 4 different machine widths, i.e.: 1000, 1250, 1500 and 1800 mm.

A major advantage of this model is the closed construction method selected for the stainless steel chamber. During the washing process, the water vapors are thus prevented from escaping into the environment. All the operator needs to do is open the door, insert one or several screens, close the door, select the appropriate program and push the button for starting the automatic process. The state-of-the-art touch screen terminal has been designed to allow free programming. Several programs are available in order to adapt the automatic processes to the various mesh types, emulsions and layer thicknesses. The unique and highly reliable GRUNIG G-WASH 101 spray nozzles made of stainless steel allow achieving optimal results. It goes without saying that the nozzle pressure can be adjusted in front, at the back or for both sides.


These two models represent an ideal completion of the extensive GRUNIG portfolio, as they offer interesting solutions at an extremely fair price.

Please contact us – we shall be happy to suggest the model that represents the optimal solution for your screen preparation needs.


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50 years of Grünig-Interscreen AG

50 years LogoFor 50 years already, Grünig has been dedicated to the professional screen preparation on a worldwide level. During all these years, the screen printing process has been exposed to various tendencies, changes and challenges. In the meantime, a lot has changed in this field as well as in the company: From the initial and purely mechanical one-man operation, it has evolved into a high-tech specialist.


The beginnigs

1967 Hans-Ulrich Grünig starts his own company in a small garage.

H U Grünig 1967Grunig small garage 1967

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New contact partners in the customer service / internal sales service

12-2014 img1

New challenges call for new tracks – to this effect, Bruno Hostettler has decided to leave our company by mid-January 2015. For quite a long time, Bruno has been a member of our installation and assembly team; during the past years, he has helped to build up and subsequently looked after our after-sales service. Countless times, his ample store of technical knowledge has enabled us to find appropriate solutions whenever one of the machines failed to function the way it was supposed to.

We thank Bruno sincerely for his commitment and cooperation of many years and wish him a lot of success and satisfaction in his new tasks.


What will the Grünig after-sales service look like on and after 05. Januar 2015?

Specific technical questions? Installations and maintenance service interventions? Franziska Schärer will be at your disposal.

As a staff member of long standing, Franziska Schärer has accumulated an impressive technical know-how and experience. She will henceforth take over the technical direction of our after-sales service – as well as the planning of the installations and maintenance service interventions.
Contact details:

Tel. direct: 0041 31 734 26 13
Email direct: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Spare part orders? Trough orders? Simon Schnidrig will be at your disposal.

In the past, Simon Schnidrig has already worked for our company. In the future he will assist and reinforce our internal sales service crew. As a commercial employee with a lot of technical flair, he will competently handle your spare part orders.
Contact details:

Tel. direct: 0041 31 734 26 17
Email direct: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you have any questions or suggestions on this behalf? Franziska and Simon will be happy to hear from you.


A virtual visit in our showroom will give you the impression to be here with us in Switzerland. You can experience our equipment from various angles of vision, and a simple mouse-click will immediately provide you all the technical information for the respective machine type.
Please come in – take your time to walk around – and let us know by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on Facebook what you think of your visit at the Grünig showroom.
Are you interested in any particular application-technical tests or would you like personal advice? Whatever your requirements, it will be a pleasure for us to welcome you personally.
Goodbye and see you soon at Schwarzenburg!


The exhibition LABELEXPO EUROPE 2013 will soon open its doors in Brussels

08-2013 img1

labelexpoFrom September 24th to 27th, 2013, the international trade fair LABELEXPO Europe 2013 will be held in Brussels – it is worldwide the most important exhibition for the label and packaging printing sector. We are planning to assist to this event in cooperation with the company Nanovis GmbH, CH-8308 Illnau. Our experience gained through various implemented customer projects has revealed that our IN-LINE washing systems and the novel and solvent-free filtering system developed by the company Nanovis complement each other in an ideal manner.

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