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G-WASH 106 Developing machine


g wash 106

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Quick facts 

  • For maximum screen format 1400 x 1800 mm / 55 x 71 inch
  • PLUG & WASH construction method: unpack, set up, fill up, develop
  • Uncomplicated operation by means of a touch screen
  • Electronically adjustable washing pressure (5-12 Bar)
  • Increase of pump pressure to 20 Bar (optional)
  • Individually connectible nozzle bars for squeegee and print sides
  • Powerful pump for optimal development results
  • Grünig special nozzle, easy to maintain
  • Integrated hand shower
  • Simple and rugged screen support system
  • Safe work processes thanks to the closed washing chamber
  • Robust construction of stainless steel V2A.
  • Very user-friendly and low-maintenance





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