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G-STRETCH EQ High definition stretching



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Quick facts

  • Constant stretching and number of threads on the entire mesh surface
  • A 90° angle is always guaranteed between the weft and warp directions
  • Higher stretching values can be achieved without risking mesh tearing
  • The loss of tension during the application of the screen is reduced
  • A longer lifetime of the screen
  • No waiting times between the end of the mesh stretching process and the gluing
  • No overstretching in the mesh corners
  • The reaction of polyester meshes is similar to the one of steel meshes
  • Constant and reproducible printing results, regular application of the printing dyes on the entire mesh surface
  • Uncomplicated measuring of the number of threads in weft and warp direction
  • The reference value is not only based on the measurement of the tension, but also on the number of threads
  • The mesh quality and the tolerance of the number of threads are measured and thus known
  • The number of threads of the screen is always consistent with the printing grid pattern and thus allows a better resolution of the image and moiré-free printing results




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