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Press release

  • The perfect screen

    Andreas Ferndriger presents the latest equipment developments from Grünig-Interscreen and SignTronic. Screen printing, with all the possibilities it offers in the glass printing sector, provides a wide range of opportunities to improve market...

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  • Preparing the perfect screen

    Andreas Ferndriger explains how Swiss perfectionists have honed the basic processes in screen printing. In 2017 Grünig, the Swiss company specialising in screen preparation technology, celebrated its 50th anniversary. Focusing on professional...

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  • Aus der Garage hinaus in die Welt

    Vor fünfzig Jahren gründete Hans-Ulrich Grünig in Schwarzenburg eine Bauschlosserei. Seine Einzelfirma von damals heisst heute Grünig-Interscreen und ist eine internationale Marke in der Siebdruckbranche. Spannen, beschichten, waschen. Diese drei...

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