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Welcome to the wide world of screen printing

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Guiding Principle

We are the market leader for solutions in the field of screen printing forms.
Our products distinguish themselves by an optimal price/performance ratio.

The following matters are of prime concern to us:

  • We develop, manufacture, sell and maintain high-quality specialized equipment for the preparation of printing screens.
  • The products are marketed under the name of grunig schriftzug on a worldwide scale.
  • A high quality is our top priority, and this refers to the products as well as to the service performances.
  • Our products are distributed on a worldwide level, mainly through sales partners (dealers).
  • Our thinking and acting is based on customer and market-oriented aspects, our key focus being the customer benefit.
  • We aim to establish a fair, long-term, reliable and competent relationship with all our stakeholder groups (staff members, customers, distribution partners, suppliers, etc.).
  • grunig schriftzug is synonymous for innovative products. Our own development team makes sure that the existing products are continuously optimized and that we are in a position to launch new products respectively innovative technologies onto the market.
  • We have a high manufacturing depth. Our know-how remains within the company; our flexibility to cater to the customers’ wishes or to develop new solutions is very high.
  • Our staff members are our most precious asset. We offer employment to a wide range of different professionals and interesting jobs involving a high degree of independence and personal responsibility. We expect our employees to be reliable, cost-conscious, motivated and team-oriented, with a behavior that is characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • The company is and remains independent and autonomous.
  • The company maintains a close cooperation with the strategic partner signtronic schriftzug .
  • We strive for a gentle but solid growth.

All the staff members are aware of these guiding principles and act accordingly.




Automation engineer / Poly-technician / Equipment manufacturer

Each year, our company takes on one automation engineer apprentice, and every second year one poly-technician and equipment manufacturing apprentice each.

Duration of apprenticeship

The apprenticeship lasts four years.

Vocational school

The apprentice will spend a maximum of 2 days per week at the vocational school in Interlaken (automation engineer) , Bern (poly-technician) or in Thun (equipment manufacturer).

Internal training

During his vocational apprenticeship, each apprentice spends at least one training period in one of the following departments:

  • Mechanics
  • Electro-technique
  • Assembly
  • Construction
  • Locksmith’s shop

This ensures that a very extensive field of knowledge is covered.

Initiation courses

During the first two years of his training, each apprentice will complete three initiation courses. These courses are held in Bern and Biel.


To examine the level of knowledge and expertise of each apprentice, a qualification sheet will be filled in every time he changes from one department to another; this sheet needs to be signed by the parents.






For the time being there are no vacancies.

Orientation courses PROFESSIONs to discover



General remarks

The vocational orientation course consists of a theoretical test and a three-day company-internal practical initiation course. These orientation courses are offered during the Spring holidays (in April). (In exceptional cases orientation courses can take place beyond the Spring holidays).



The application for the orientation course can be communicated in writing or by phone.

Contact person: Christian Götschmann / Tel.: 031 734 26 26 / Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1st part, theoretical test 

The theoretical test takes place during the orientation course. The test is limited to the normal subject material taught at school. The following capabilities will be tested:

  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Technical geometric drawing
  • Brainteasers
  • Written test
  • Mechanical/technical test


2nd Part: practical initiation course

The practical initiation course is held at the workshop of the company Grünig-Interscreen AG.

Dates: (Individually, upon prior agreement)
The duration of this course is three days. The orientation trainees will be initiated into the tasks performed in the mechanical, electrical and locksmith departments. This information will help them take the right decision with regard to their professional career.



Upon successfully completing the vocational orientation course, every trainee has the possibility to apply in writing for an apprenticeship position.

WElcome To the wide world of screen printing

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The screen printing method – also called the fourth printing process – is often underestimated.

Many users and customers simply have no idea how many products used in their everyday life are in some way connected to screen printing! This printing method is applied by more than 50 industrial sectors, and its objective is always focused on function or decoration, or even both combined.

Screen printing is used in countless market segments, and as a consequence the requirements to be met by the individual screens vary from one application to another. Today, the printers handle everything, from the smallest screen formats up to extremely large ones (4.8 x 12 m).



Decoration and finishing in textile printing

labels textilThe term textile printing refers to printing procedures used for printing textiles, a process which is considerably more complex than paper printing, as the various print supports (cotton, polyester, silk, etc.) require particular inks and forms of treatment.




Function and decoration in industrial printing

labels industrieIn the industrial sector, screen printing deploys its particular strengths where flexibility and application possibilities are a prime consideration. A growing number of industrial sectors resort to this printing method, which optimally answers their needs with regard to functionality and/or decoration.

The virtually limitless choice of materials that can be printed turns screen printing into a unique and unequaled method.




Decoration and varnishing in the graphic sector

labels textilNow as before, screen printing plays a major role for graphical applications. This is the printing method par excellence for all the application cases where highest requirements need to be met in terms of consistency, handling of various formats, material selection and rapidity.

Differentiation and added value thanks to screen printing!





Equipment manufacturing

  • An idea turns into a finished product
  • You have an idea – we help you to implement it
  • Our own development department
  • Construction design based on state-of-the-art 3D-CAD systems
  • Many years of experience in equipment manufacturing
  • CE documentation and instruction manuals




Control design + construction

  • Planning and dimensioning of controls and components
  • Preparation of diagrams
  • PLC programming
  • Cabling
  • Simple soldering work
  • Drive technique + pneumatic equipment
  • Component procurement




Mechanical manufacturing

  • 3-axes CNC machining centers
  • CNC lathing with powered tools for the C- and Y-axes
  • Conventional lathing
  • Conventional milling
  • Clearing of keyways
  • Arbor press 12t
  • Conventional surface grinding
  • Machining of all the customary materials




Sheet metal processing

  • CNC chamfering up to 3 m
  • Cutting up to 3 m
  • Die-cutting up to ø 65mm
  • TIG / MAG welding
  • Forming of conduits
  • Processing of aluminum, steel and V2a





Installation and maintenance service

  • General installation work, either in-house or on-site
  • Maintenance and optimization of existing production plants
  • General service interventions
  • Failure localizing on existing installations



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Our strengths

  • Everything from a single-source supplier: we specialize in special solutions
  • You have a problem? We come up with a solution
  • Competent contact partners: we have our particular specialists for every area of expertise
  • We maintain our high quality standard







  • Vacancies



    For more than 45 years we have been dedicated to automating and standardizing screen preparation processes. We believe in the future of screen printing, which offers countless possibilities and advantages, unlike many other printing methods. In our opinion, the key factor for success is «the perfect screen». 

    Up to this day, more than 5000 machines have left our factory at Schwarzenburg. More than 90% of our products are supplied to over 50 countries all over the globe. We are looking forward to the future challenges and eager to implement many interesting projects together with you.

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