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To enable us to comply with your support request systematically and without delay, we would appreciate if you could previously gather (as far as possible) the following information before contacting us: 

  • Serial number of the machine
  • Number of the support contract
  • Contact data for the person(s) responsible for failure localization
  • Please take a note of any error messages that appear on the display or on the control
  • Please list any irregularities that you have noticed in connection with the functional problem
  • In the event of a dysfunction: what needs to be done in order to reproduce the error?
  • Please identify the defective elements on the basis of the spare parts catalog and order them by specifying the respective spare parts numbers


During business hours, you can reach our support service by dialing the phone number +41 (0)31 734 26 13 or around the clock by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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We provide the help you need

For the event that you should encounter a problem with your equipment, we have provided the following lists indicated the most common and known errors. If you encounter a machine problem, please consult these lists, they might enable you to solve the problem yourself, without further assistance. Should you not succeed, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service. We shall do our utmost to make sure that your machine will once again be ready for operation as soon as possible.




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Support packages Keep your machine running

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You want to ensure an individual support for your installations, customized according to your requirements?

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No doubt you all know this situation: 

You are under an enormous time pressure, but right now your installations urgently require a maintenance service.

Your challenge is obvious: Who will provide right now the necessary specialized personnel and devote you the time you need?


The consequences are expensive:

Not only prolonged standstill times, production losses, increasing production and operating expenses, but in addition a lot of aggravation and stress for you and all the involved persons. 


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This is just the objective of the support package devised by Grünig-Interscreen AG:

Grünig-Interscreen as your service partner assumes your maintenance planning, the maintenance interventions, guaranteeing a professional support as well as an optimized operation of your installations. Any signs of wear and tear will be detected and remedied at an early stage.


Your advantages are also obvious:

Enhanced operational safety, improved runtimes, reduced production costs, compliance with the production time schedule, and in addition more competitivity and a guaranteed future based on the success factors of your company.


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We are here for you:

The motivated and competent experts of Grünig-Interscreen, a full-range supplier, guarantee qualifi ed project handling, optimized operations, telephone support and remote breakdown hotline/advice, complete with expertise analyses, diagnostic and technical advice, and an expedient handling of your spare part orders.


Your benefit includes the following:

Everything from your single-source supplier, short information paths, precious gain of time and professional and cost-optimized solutions.


To make sure that you can fully concentrate on an optimally effi cient and economical processing of your orders, Grünig-Interscreen offers you four different support packages from which you can select the one that best meets your individual requirements and particular needs.


For persolal advice please contact our Sales department or Customer service.


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